Video: libswarm Interview With Solomon Hykes

During his keynotes at Dockercon 2014, Solomon Hykes introduced the next lego brick to follow Docker - "libswarm".

"libswarm defines a standard interface to manage and orchestrate distributed systems. It is not tied to a particular distributed system," he tells me.

The idea is that libswarm provides a consistent API into your clustered environment. It can work with any existing distributed system that implements an adapter (or "backend") for libswarm to use.

Prior to this I interviewed Solomon Hykes on 30th May to find out what libswarm and wrote a blog post, which you can find here. This video is the full recording of the interview.

Things to note: "beam" has been simplified to be "Like Go channels over the network" and is now called "libchan". Also, unlike other interviews I have done, I was going in with almost no knowledge of what libswarm would be - hence the head scratching.


This blog post was originally published by Phil Whelan on June 19, 2014 at ActiveState blog.